May 2018 Newsletter

Time to Get Our Hands Dirty The time seems to move more quickly as the summer approaches. The warm weather and longer days bring outdoor work and farm preparation to us in a very rapid manner. Through hard work and dedication, the Bloomfield team is eager to take on the planting season and have our hands in the soil. We will be bringing forth some new, but equally superior, strains this year that we are excited to share. A full garden is such a special and important work of art in this industry, and the team has been working hard … Continued

April Newsletter And 4/20 Events

The Season is Upon Us The spring has come so quickly. It seems like just yesterday we were sending out a review of last year and starting to get more information on the new regulations. While we have been soaking up all possible knowledge and attending any conference available to us, the transition into spring has also been a little different than those in the past. We have been carefully taking the time to figure out the best opportunity for Bloomfield with the new compliance laws while continuing to provide the highest quality products that meet our standards. So much … Continued

A Dedication To Dennis Peron

The Work Never Ends In an industry that has constantly been evolving since the beginning of written policy, there has always been someone on the forefront continuing the momentum of change. Dennis Peron made his life’s work dedicated to making sure the cannabis movement was in constant progression. He changed the lives of an entire subculture. When Dennis passed, the world lost a man that changed the course of so many lives and history itself. Dennis Peron is not only an extremely influential figure in the cannabis world, but also such a great example for anyone looking to be inspired. … Continued

February Update

Southern Roots are Clever Roots Bloomfield’s CEO power couple was featured in the winter edition of Clever Root magazine. The article was highlighting the brand as one of three organic cannabis names within the industry that were chosen to attend the Emerald Exchange this past fall. Discussed, are Sinclair’s southern roots and the hospitality that she cannot help but bring forth into the brand and industry. Bloomfield’s sleek and sophisticated shelf appeal stands out and is mentioned as “something that would appear in the accessories department of Bloomingdales.” The write-up also announces the company’s new pre-roll line that will be … Continued